During the past several years the world has witnessed chaotic events unfolding before its very eyes. The trauma associated with this has left not only this generation to be victimized but generations to come as well. With schools becoming battlegrounds, these young students are faced with chaos and uncertainty in their lives.

Around the world we live in turbulent days as there are total villages destroyed as a result of mud-slides during hurricanes and homes leveled during an earthquake. No doubt it will take years to rebuild homes, establish schools, create jobs and stabilize the economy in these places that have suffered such losses. 

CCCS considers it a part of their ministry to be a part of the on-going effort to assist those who are hurting as a result of poverty, critical incidents and/or other spiritual and emotional distresses. Whether it is in the U.S. or abroad, we are “instruments of Christ to offer healing for the heart!” 

Christian Crisis Counseling Services provides pastoral counseling for Marriage and Family, Grief and Loss, Career Guidance, Financial Stewardship and Critical Incident Stress Management. Our staff also conduct seminars in relevant areas pertaining to Crisis Intervention, Small Group Ministry, and Leadership Development.

Christian Crisis Counseling Services is now located at 11000 110th Ave N in Largo, Florida. Please send all correspondence to drphillipgray@gmail.com.

                                 "All things are possible to him that believeth!"

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